It’s Web 2.5 Now! & Soon it will be Web 3.0….

Think about web 10 years back and you would remember it as a tool to store and search data. But today it is part of our life with all the applications like photo-sharing, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. They are the tools of today’s social web, targeting our need to make social connections and bonds.

We all are waiting for the next generation of web, talked about as “Web 3.0,” where we would use artificial intelligence and semantic search engines, have better search results, where crawlers will be able to map us to the results we are looking for according to our individual needs and styles. But it’s yet to come!

Think about Web 2.0 and you would remmember that it was all about rich user experiences, social networking and also brought with itself new types of communities and wikis, blogs, social networks.

But now we are working on making Web2.0 a better user experience which has lead to the emergence of new trends and tools to help us with our online world. We are moving into the world of Platform as Service model.

The data portability, and filtering systems which this new version of Web 2.0 (Let’s Call it Web 2.5) has brought along with it, is giving us a futuristic view of the next version of web, an improved version of Web 2.0 that would make the socializing aspect more useful, while also making it the core of interactions on web.

Being social is what today’s web is all about, but in Web 2.5, new applications we would use to filter and group together is all that would make the social web a true layer to everything we do, not just an lonesome activity.


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