Have a website and struggling with traffic.

Online Traffic…seems to be a common thought in every one’s mind these days. If you have a new website.. most probably you would end up struggling for traffic online or end up paying for that traffic.

But buying those clicks online is a huge investment and would definitely make a dent to your marketing budget. What if you can get all that and a lot more traffic for free, I said “FREE” because you don’t pay for every click that you get but yes it would definitely mean some work. But guess what.. the traffic flow would be continuous and would not end the day you stop paying for ads.

So here are ways to market your Web site online. I am sure if you use them all, you would get more than 500 plus visitors after just few weeks and moving on it would just keep increasing.

1. More Content to your Website: Add more relevant content to your site which search engine’s crawlers loves and also create a dedicated business blog to your site with lot of insight on topics related to your industry which people would love to read and share.

2. Article Submissions: Submit atleast two articles to different relevant articles submission websites, with links back to your website. You can even submit tutorials to tutorial sites.

3. Run attractive Promotions: Think out of box and run some attractive promotions/contests/give freebies to attract viewers to your website.

4. Social Media: Create a Social Marketing Group or participate in blog carnival, to keep the people in similar business updated.

5. Link Building: Submit your website to directories, Industry Sites and Specialized Directories.

6. Press Release: Find newsworthy topics and create preses release around them, they are really one of the most important ways to get inbound links from some noteworthy sites online such as web periodicals in your industry. Also, don’t forget that the links to your website in these online news databases would remain for years andalso, give you lot of link popularity.

7. Email Marketing: Create a strong email marketing strategy to promote you website through monthly newsletters to your customers with new promotions or offers and also some new insight to help them with their business. You can also easily have a “Subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter ” link on your website to get new interested visitors subscribe to your newsletter.

8. Referral Program: Having a strong referral program is a must for every company, with your customer pool itself being a big resource to refer you new business. Think about rewarding your customers for those referrals like you can offer your customers discounts., if they refer you new customers. You can also reference your customers online to build confidence with a new visitor.

9. Viral Marketing: Create a strong viral marketing program, it’s nothing but all about creating buzz online which would attract people to your site and would make them pass your marketing message along, if successful could lead to exponential growth in website traffic.

10. Offline Marketing: Most of all don’t forget the power of offline marketing. You can have an ad in the paper, do radio spots, advertise on television, network with other business owners, sponsor fundraisers. These are few of the avenues which would attract people to your website or next time when they see you online, they’ll remember it.

All The Best! Have some Fun Online!


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