How SMO can help SMEs and Corporates in the world of Web 2.0?

How, Why and When should we jump into social media band wagon is a question which almost all companies face today. I have collated 5 additional reasons which could be the key drivers of why companies should choose the path of Social Media Optimization other the usual to 2 prime reasons of lead and traffic generation to the website.


  • Building a Human Face: Your Prospects and Customers are human, help them relate to you
  • Killing the Corporate and Building a new brand image: It’s the season to kill the corporate and embrace the power of people you have in your employees to build a +ve image
  • Creating value: The most important aspect of blogging and SMO is to relate to your audience and creating something of value for them, and hence giving the reason enough to re-visit your website/profile/page
  • Helping Content Travel: Setting the information Free is all what Social Media Optimization (SMO) is about. It’s not just about making changes to a site. If you have content that can be transferable (such as PDFs, video files and audio files), submitting them to related sites will help content travel further, and eventually drive links to your site
  • Blogging & Micro-Blogging: Work with the bloggers and create a community. Extension to this would be to embrace and motivate your employees to actively participate in the communities and create a new reflection of your organization

Also, an added advantage which Social Media offers to the any company would be to help them to effortlessly transition towards the semantic world of Web3.0, which is going to hit us sooner than later.


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