Importance of Color for Web & Business

Color creates emotions and feelings that help show your potential customers what your business is all about and what kind of products/services you are selling. Choose color wisely.

A splash of color can help move a website visitor’s eye through your site, it creates movement and can direct website users around a page to a desired call to action.

TIP: Select colors that showcase the color values of the products and/or services you’re trying to sell…

TIP: Looking to stimulate mental activity? Try using Orange.

TIP: Looking to stimulate energy and excitement? Try using Red.

TIP: Looking to convey positive emotions, joy, energy, optimism, happiness? Try using Yellow.

  1. amazing tips Archana; i was just going through some marketing tips online and about how colours play an important part in enhancing the experience of prospective customers and i came across your post ….

    beautiful and well said …

    cheers / david.

  2. I think and read about design. Celebrity depends on the design of today in any kind of business. And not always it must be wonderful. Sometimes, bad design is so never-to-be-forgotten that sale merchandise or fame site rise, if i can say so. And thanks for the article

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