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Today we have all heard and talked about sustainable energy in one form or the other. And just the other day, while reading and hearing about it, triggered a thought, that with all the evolution in the Digital marketing and Online space, do all the brands and businesses have a sustainable Marketing plan which can last them through all the changes. A plan that is easily adaptable, to the changes happening in the usability and consumption of data and content online.

To elaborate on, what would it be like to have a marketing strategy that doesn’t get injured or hurt by the changes, which Search Giants like Google brings about in their Search algorithm, like incorporating Real Time Search when Social Media  evolved, to hammering down on content farms with focus on getting more relevant search results to its users.

Today most of the businesses get affected by their search ranking, which leads them to either employ a Paid Search campaign as a solution, to get business value, or focus more on SEO. What would it be like to have an ideal mix of SEO and Paid campaigns to get both short term and long term benefits?

Sustainable Digital Marketing should be about creating a marketing strategy that could quickly evolve, to adapt to all the changes and opportunities brought about by new marketing platforms and evolution of Mobile and Social Media.

Even today Digital Space and along with it Online Marketing, is in a full throttle expansion mode, and the convergence of both traditional and digital marketing is already bringing about new opportunities for businesses and marketers. We have already seen the PR department become our new SEO place to tap for more content, leading to joining of hands between SEO team and PR team within marketing departments today and PR agencies focusing on how they can get SEO benefits to their clients.

It’s always been the survival of the fittest strategy everywhere and obviously if the marketing plan is all geared and fit to evolve with all the changes quickly, would only mean that the business stand a greater chance to win against the competition.

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