Google wants us to be Honest – Google Farmer Fix and what it means for SEO.

We have all read the famous quotes on Success, where it’s said that – “There is no shortcut to Success.

Looks like Google with its Update this time, and in the past is just trying to prove this right in more ways than one.

For last few years Google Algorithm update has brought about the death of Black Hat SEO and Link Farms. And the last update from Google- which is more commonly referred to as Google Panda or Farmer’s update – again killed one of the other shortcuts which many incorporated into their SEO plan – which was mostly done by using content farms and writing the same content and populating that over and over on different website. But all said and done, Google still respects all the content authority and uniqueness.

After searching for answers on what is the way to go forward for a SEO strategy for a brand, I now have confidence in two thumb rule

  • No more duplicate content
  • More and more usage of Canonical tags – will now become more importance as we go ahead in the world of SEO, as this defines the unique content page for your website, while you can still repeat content when creating product or landing pages.

Social Media is another part of the aspect which is today evaluated and talked about in every organization’s marketing plan. With even Google recognizing the importance of real time search and adding more features to support this, only shows how big this industry can be. I am sure there would be a fix from Google soon enough, whereby it will try to ignore tweets from Spammy Twitter profiles, using engagement matrix and most certainly making the engagement matrix a winner.

SEO today is about brand engagement and fairness, where a brand needs to prove its authority on the subject matter along with customer and target market engagement, just like in the real work.



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