How to Create and Grow a Fashion Blog Organically

Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by everything fashionable, and as I grew up, the desire to contribute to the fashion industry, became progressively stronger.

I initially started by writing in the blogosphere. Soon I extended my reach by integrating the blog with social media through Facebook. The dynamic world of virtual interaction expanded further. From a distance, it seems like this was a well-considered strategy of expansion. However, being a digital marketer, for me, all these means to boost the growth of my blog were determined organically. I followed the ongoing trends in digital strategy, and my findings guided me on the path to further disseminate my ideas via blogging.

All that I know about blogging and monetization of content has been learnt over the course of time. Here are some of the key areas that any new bloggers need to focus on:

1. Quality Content

Keep in mind that the virtual world is full of social media influencers who, just like you, seek to attract brands for profitable partnerships. Brands at the same time are also highly conscious of the bloggers they collaborate with. They will not associate with a blog solely on account of its vast audience. The content needs to be well-written and engaging in a blog to attract big brands.

2. Do Not Undersell

As a nascent blogger, everyone is self-conscious when making a sales pitch. “Am I overselling my writing? Am I overestimating my reach? Should I be pitching to brands at this stage at all?” Avoiding such thinking from the get-go is imperative. If you, yourself, do not value your proposition, it is unlikely that anyone else will.

3. Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate.

It is a natural tendency to vary of collaborating with brands in the very beginning. You feel like you’re sharing your limelight with another enterprise, and promoting them without any returns. However, such an approach is detrimental to the cause of rapid expansion. Collaborations will help you get noticed by competitor brands and broader audiences. But make sure to associate with brands that are related to, and add value to your endeavour.  

4. Give Value to Your Readers

A blog is successful as long as it has a good readership. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your readers derive value out of your writing. Be sure you invite people to share opinions on your blog. Respond to comments on posts promptly. Organize competitions, giveaways, and shoutouts, now and then. If you keep your readers engaged, you’ll inevitably create a loyal readership.

5. Love What You Do

This may sound idealistic but unless you put your heart and soul into your blog, it is unlikely to amount to something.

It is essential to keep in mind that the above suggestions may help you get on the right track faster. But you will make your own mistakes and face some challenges along the way. I most certainly did.

And, here are some roadblocks I hit on my journey, and learn from what I did

  • Brands Not Paying for Work

In such situations, I believe it is best not to settle below your value. I always demand what is fair and after several negotiations, it is usually possible to reach a profitable figure.

  • Creative Blocks

Yes, everyone has moments when inspiration is lacking and you do not know how to proceed. In such cases, I’ve made a habit of taking a break, having some fun, and returning to the blog utterly refreshed.

  • Do Not Stalk Your Competition

It is but natural to keep tabs on your competition and see how they’re doing. I suffered from this terrible habit too. However, stressing about others is rather unproductive. I’ve realized I’d instead focus on my journey.

  • Plan Ahead

Creating a niche for yourself and gaining loyal followers is no simple task. One has to be methodical; one needs to strategize. I had to abandon the “go with the flow” approach and strategize for my blog to become significant.

  • Do Not Be Overtly Commercial

Once your blog becomes big, it is difficult to avoid the pitfall of capitalizing upon every opportunity to earn a few bucks. But I have learnt to keep my blog personal such that the promotional content is well-interspersed with original writing.

Hope you found these insights helpful, of my experiences as a fashion blogger. May the journey continue to be as enjoyable and satisfying.

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