Suggestions on How to Optimize Your Website for Important Keywords

Every day I hear and read people discussing and giving new ideas on how we can optimize a website for the most important keywords for Google. They make it sound so difficult that companies end up paying thousands of dollars for something they can do by themselves.

In fact it’s the most simple thing, all you need to do is stand up and make an impact on the web today for Google and every other search crawlers to recognize you as a player in that domain.

My advice to people who want to optimize their websites for some keywords is to focus and create strategy for the whole process. Talking and researching won’t lead you anywhere, till the time you get down to the most basic thing on the web and implement all that you have learnt.

Few Things to keep in mind are:

1. Content: Have good quality content on your website. “Content is King” when it comes to SEO. Start your own Business blog, to populate more content to your website.

2. Selective Keywords: Focus on optimizing for 3-4 keywords in one time, rather than having a long list which just dilutes your efforts, and you end up on Page 2 for all your keywords. It’s better to be among ‘Top 3’ for fewer keywords than to be on page 2 for many.

3. Thought Leader: Be in driver’s seat and become a ‘Thought Leader’ in your domain/industry. The trend today is to be counter-intuitive and innovate in your business domain. Don’t just follow your competition, do something more than what they do.

This would not only make you most sought after by your customers but also by Media and would give you all the required inbound links for your SEO.

4. Value: Last but not the least, educate your visitors, and give them enough value and reasons to re-visit your website. There is no point in having tons of traffic which doesn’t convert.


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